What I Remember (1998)

Super 8 & Betacam SP
Running Time: 6’

Available from:
Video Out Distribution

What I Remember is a melancholy recollection of two stories of first love. The narrator relates two anecdotes from her youth, seemingly unrelated, but linked by both their sweetness and tragedy. What does she remember about first love? Akwardness, embarassment, secrecy, and abandon. The moral of the story? Once you fall hard, you better duck.

The visual track, hand processed and manipulated to create a feeling of longing and remembering, explores a childhood compulsion and sadism which foreshadows the tragic conclusion to the story-murder, and the impossibility of true love.

Premiere: 1st Super 8 Film Festival (by invitation), themed screening on First Love – Toronto, 1998

Other Screenings Include:
The New Festival – New York, 1999
Antimatter Film Festival – Victoria BC, 1999
Gallery Connection – Fredericton, 1999
Inside Out Film and Video Festival – Toronto, 1999
Milan Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – 1999
Video In Studios, “Video Rampage” program – 1999
Invasion: Intimate Esthetics, a 20-year survey of the Video Out Collection, curated by Thirza Cuthand – 1999
Ms. Film Festival – Durham NC, 2006
Cinémateque Québecoise – 2007