The Weight of Women’s Eyes (1994)

Super 8 & Beta SP
Running Time: 5’

Available from:
Video Out Distribution

I know you want me. Eyes wander across bodies dancing in the bar, hinting at the surface, not touching. Forbidden desires become playful streetwise sex, exploring the dynamics of watching and being watched.

Premiere: Inside Out Film and Video Festival – Toronto, 1994

Other Screenings Include:
Image et Nation Film and Video Festival – 1994
Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film Festival – 1995
London Lesbian Film Festival – 1996
University of Toronto – 1998
Cineffable Film Festival – Paris, 1998
Making Scenes Film and Video Festival – 1999
Video In Studios – Vancouver, 1998
Innis College, University of Toronto – 1999
SAW Gallery – Ottawa, 2003

Institutional Purchases:
University of Toronto Library – 1999