Tainted: Christopher Lefler and the Queer Censorship Chill (1997)

Beta SP
Running Time: 20’

Commissioned by Ken Anderlini, Programmer, Video In Studios

Available from:
Video Out Distribution

In a 1993 art exhibit at the University of Saskatchewan, Christopher Lefler created an installation essentially outing the Lieutenant Governor of that province. As a result, Lefler s show was closed, his artwork seized, his scholarship revoked, and he was expelled. Tainted is not, however, about outing . It attempts instead to chart and comment upon some of the reactions to Lefler s controversial and much maligned work. Tainted attempts to raise the questions of power, privilege, and privacy that have been foreclosed in the aftermath of these events.

Premiere: Out On Screen Film and Video Festival – Vancouver, 1997

Other Screenings Include:
Inside Out Film and Video Festival – 1997

Institutional Purchases:
Simon Fraser University Library