Not Like That (1994)

Super 8 & Beta SP
Running Time: 15’

Available from:
Video Out Distribution

Starting with the footage of Annie Oakley and moving to clothing, hair and boots of the urban lesbian, this video explores the cultural signifiers of the outlaw woman. Looking at my own internalized fears of appearing “butch”, Not Like That attempts to overcome this particular type of homophobia that is evident in queer culture.

Premiere: Out on Screen – Vancouver, 1994

Other Screenings Include:
Inside Out Film and Video Festival – Toronto, 1995
Queer Sightings – Edmonton, 1994
Herland Film Festival – Calgary, 1995
Image et Nation Film and Video Festival – Montréal, 1995
London Lesbian Film Festival – 1995
Making Scenes Film and Video Festival – Ottawa, 1995
Santa Barbara Lesbian and Gay Film Festival – 1995
Oboro Gallery – Montréal, 1995
The New Festival – New York, 1995
Buzzsaw Festival – Seattle, 1995
Mix 95, Anthology Film Archive – 1995
Canadian Independent Film and Video Association Showcase – St. John’s, 1995
Museum of Modern Art, part of a program on gender identity – New York, 1995
NU Queer Testings – Edmonton, 1998
Gallery 44, “Personal Stories” curated by April Hicox – Toronto, 1998
Video In Studios – Vancouver, 1998