HER (1996)

16mm & Beta SP
Running Time: 9’

Available from:
Video Out Distribution

It was that type of passion, a passion so intense it makes you miserable… An intense portrayal of the inevitablity of power struggles in relationships. Mixing a haunting soundscape with multi-layered imagery and relentless narrative, HER moves the viewer into the centre of passion and power.

Premiere: Out On Screen Film and Video Festival – Vancouver, 1996

Other Screenings Include:
Image et Nation Film and Video Festival – Montréal, 1997
Freiberger Lesbian Filmtage – Germany, 1998
Video In Studios – Vancouver, 1998
Inside Out Film and Video Festival – Toronto, 1998
London Lesbian Film Festival – 1998
Vienna Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – Austria, 1999

Pridevision TV, 2001

Institutional Purchases:
Stichwort Women’s Archives – Austria, 1999