Forever (1996)

Forever (1996)

16mm & Beta SP
Running Time: 1’ 30”

Available from:
Video Out Distribution

I’ll love you forever… Using playful pop imagery and mellow, ironic voice-over, this video takes a wry look at the latest lesbian fad: true love and marriage.

Premiere: Out On Screen Film and Video Festival – Vancouver, 1996

Other Screenings Include:
Image et Nation Film and Video Festival – Montréal, 1996
Video In Studios, Video Rampage Screening – 1996
London Lesbian Film Festival – 1997
Inside Out Film and Video Festival – Toronto, 1997
Visibilia Film Festival – Bologna, Italy, 1998
Reelings Film and Video Festival – Chicago, 1997
Sacramento International Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – 1997
London Gay and Lesbian Film Festival – 1998
Reel Affirmations Film and Video Festival – Washington DC, 1998
Outfest Film and Video Festival – Los Angeles, 1998
Video In Studios – Vancouver, 1998
Making Scenes Film and Video Festival – Ottawa, 1999
Stealing to Subvert, curated by Winston Xin and Maija Martin – Video In Studios, 1999; Mix Brazil, 2001
Culture Clash: Queer Videos from Canada (A Touring Program), Curated by Winston Xin – Cologne and Hamburg, Germany, 2002

Channel 4 – Australia, 1998