Defiance (1993)

Beta SP
Running Time: 6’

Available from:
Video Out Distribution

A voice-over soundtrack repeats some common heterosexist lines: If only they didn’t flaunt it… It’s nothing personal but… A simple image, consisting of two women embracing, contradicts the soundtrack. This video examines the resilience of lesbian desire in the face of relentless homophobia.

Premiere: Inside Out Film and Video Festival – Toronto, 1993

Other Screenings Include:
The New Festival – New York, 1994
Queer Sightings Festival – Edmonton, 1994
London Lesbian Film Festival – 1995
Melbourne Queer Film Festival – 1995
Making Scenes Film and Video Festival, program “Strange Fruit” curated by Ming Ma – Los Angeles, 1995
YYZ Gallery – Toronto, 1996
The Kiss Project Dance Festival – Vancouver, 1995
Herland Film Festival – Calgary, 1995
Video In Studios – Vancouver, 1998
Making Scenes Film and Video Festival – Ottawa, 1999
Transit – Montréal, 2005

TVO – 1994