Blindspot (2003)

Running Time: 10’20”

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Six-year-old Joe is caught in the tumult of his parents’ disentegrated marriage. When Joe’s dad comes to visit, his mom calls the police and refuses to open the door. All she wants is protection from her husband. All Joe’s dad wants is to get his family back. Joe just wants to see his dad. Poignantly accurate, the film depicts a violent family crisis through the eyes of a child.

Premiere: Boston Film Festival – Boston, 2003

Other Screenings Include:
Tehran Short Film Festival – Iran, 2003
National Screen Institute’s Film Exchange – Winnipeg, 2004
Women in Film and Video Vancouver, “Summer Shorts” – Vancouver, 2004
Pacific Cinémateque – Vancouver, 2004
Turin 11th International Women’s Film Festival – Italy, 2005
International Women’s Day Screening, University of Regina – 2006